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This is a place for all the projects that defy easy labels. Personal films and old school work. 

Mazda - Drive for Good

This sponsored short commissioned by NBC shines a spotlight on Jahmal Cole and his non-profit "My Block, My Hood, My City". Jahmal inspires under-resrouced teens in Chicago by taking them on explorations that expand their horizons. 

Ken Bone's Fifteenth Minute

Suddenly famous debate star Ken Bone goes to Washington D.C. and urges his fellow Americans to vote in this short film made for IZOD.  This spot was featured in Forbes, Hollywood ReporterWashington Post,  FORTUNECNN,  AdWeek, Business Insider, EsquireUPROXX and 163 other media outlets. 

Day With The Girls

Encouraging women to show their "girls" some love. A PSA for Breast Cancer Awareness month. 

Marshmallow Ghostbuster

Every year for the holidays I make a small stop motion project with the super talented team at Bodega Studios. This usually stars a marshmallow in the lead role.  You know, for fun.

If you like this, be sure to check out our marshmallow Stranger Things short. And our sweet coverage of the annual tradition featured in Food and Wine.

The Back Ninety-Nine

A short film about my friend Irving Rothschild as he approaches his 100th birthday. 

M&M's Caramel

Introducing Caramel (the voice of David Cross!) the newest member of the M&M family. In this campaign Red (voice of Billy West!) tags along as Caramel attends the BET awards as a nominee. 


The story of three brothers and how the best things never change. This campaign shot on location in Kitty Hawk, NC for the "Saltwater" clothing line of relaxed classics by IZOD.

While the Widow is Away

The story of a building super who makes himself at home in the fancy upper west side apartment of lonely widow.   A film festival favorite and Shortlisted for an Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film.  (19 minutes) Written, Directed, Produced & shot by Adam Reid
Cast: Lynn Cohen, Kamel Boutros

The Understanding

Danny Pudi (Ducktails, Community) stars as himself in this music video for Brooklyn based band Jones Street Station. 

"Together with Pudi’s easy charm and Reid’s knack for simple grace, the band is poised to share a video that showcases the very best of Jones Street Station: joyful songs with meaningful lyrics and a passion to connect with others though the music." - Audio Perv

"If you’re going to take a shot at love, it might as well be with the tiniest camera ever and in the Big Apple. That's how Community’s Danny Pudi does it in a new music video for the folksy Brooklyn band, Jones Street Station." - The Hollywood Reporter


Get a tissue ready. Real women get real with each other in this short for Prudential Insurance. This piece aired at AMC movie theaters nationwide before the show. 

Theo's First Year

This was made from slices of my son Theo's first year. 

Marriott Vacation Club - Make it Happen

Kids will do whatever it takes to make family vacation happen. 

She's Not There 

This is why men shouldn't vacation alone. This short was made with a crew of just myself on the island of Saint John, VI.