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Hello Lonesome

Hello Lonesome
written & directed by Adam Reid

Nominated for a Film Independent Spirit Award and available everywhere including Amazon Prime and iTunes.

Adam Reid's enchanting, compassionate feature film debut weaves together the worlds of six lonely individuals as they negotiate the age-old process of giving and receiving love. It isn't easy, and it never happens the way they expect it, but for these isolated souls, there's an oddball magic in the way they make connections they never imagined.

In his New York Times review, Stephen Holden wrote "Adam Reid’s smart, poignant trilogy manages the considerable feat of creating six fully human characters. Structurally, it is a Chekhovian mosaic, similar to Rodrigo Garcia’s films in its attention to minute personal detail but somewhat lighter in tone. The dialogue is remarkably spontaneous and the performances refreshingly natural.“ 

Nominated for a Film Independent Spirit Award (The John Cassavetes Award for best feature film with a budget under $500,000). Winner of the Los Angeles Film Festival Jury Award for Best Performance (awarded to the ensemble), Audience Award for Best Feature from the Ashland Independent Film Festival, Best Screenplay from the Bend Film Festival, and the New Visions Award from the Bahamas International Film Festival. Hello Lonesome was also honored at the 2010 SXSW Film Festival for Excellence in Title Design. 

Hello Lonesome (Opening Title Sequence)